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Setting up Catalook


E-mail configuration

Enter your email settings into the ‘SMTP Server Settings’ section of the Host Settings site. Choose ‘SMTP Authentication’ = ‘Basic’ if you key in any values into the SMTP fields.


Please Note: There is a difference between the e-mail / SMTP settings that are used by CATALooK.netStore and the settings that are used by your portal. You will notice that your installation of CATALooK will have its own SMTP settings: module CAT_StoreSettings -> ‘Store Email’. You can enter the same values as for the SMTP settings of DNN or use different values:


Important Note: The following error appears if there are any wrong or missing adjustments for the SMTP settings: ‘Could not access 'CDO.Message' object’


You have now setup your CATALooK.netStore with the basic settings.  There are many more options and settings that you need to work with to establish the desired functionality of your store.  See the Store Administration portion of this manual for additional information. See the next chapter for performance optimizations.

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