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Chapter 20

Chapter 20.01 - Options of module CAT_ItemPaneNF

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Options of module CAT_ItemPaneNF: (Select [View Options] in module menu)

  • [Data List Browse Repeat Columns]: select the repeat columns of catalogue browse display
  • TAB querystring params for the first access to site(Select a category or product in modules Cat_MenuNF and CAT_ItemPaneNF. Note all params from browser querystring or data base and enter these params in the appropriate fields. Uncheck the CheckBox [Enable Start Query] to show the store start/home site on the module CAT_ItemPaneNF for the first access to TAB. Please set also values for the category of a product if you want display the product detail site. These values will be used to create the back link to the category list.)
  • Please inform your customers that you do not accept liability for the correctness of images and descriptions in the product details. An appropriate sentence is indicated below the picture in the product details. To disable this liability note please uncheck the checkbox [Show liability Note on Product Details Page?]

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