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Chapter 25 - Store Administration

Chapter 25.11 - Top and Bottom Templates of Forms

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Top and Bottom Template of Forms

The header and footer of all forms (acknowledgement, invoice, credit note also) are deposited in the form of HTML. In the following an example of a header and footer is given which you can simply copy with your data into the HTML direct window of the respective FreeTextBox. This template of a form is optimized in such a way that its printed form shows the address and the sender in the sight of a standard letter envelope. For showing HTML codes please click with the right mouse button into this window and select from the context menu [ source indicate ] or have a look at the example file [ formulare.txt ] in folder documentation/. If you want to have images in the head or bottom area of forms, please load these images with [ Admin ] [ file manager ] into the portal folder and enter either a complete http path to these images or just enter a name without indicating the path. You can find the following example of a business letter in the text file Formulare.txt as a HTML source text. You can directly copy it into text boxes by using drag and drop.

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