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Chapter 25 - Store Administration

Chapter 25.16 - Modify existing and createing new skins

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Modify existing and create new skins to change the style of the modules and the style and layout of the module containers

  • Container HTML Skinning
    Module CAT_StoreSettings -> Skin Editor: Enable the check box: [Edit Container of the selected Skin (To load the right container click on ]Update Store Settings[ after you have changed the skin selection] -> There you can modify and add or delete HTML code. (e.g. to remove the help links delete the {hlhelp} placeholder)
  • Edit Style Sheet
    Module CAT_StoreSettings -> CSS Editor: Enable the checkbox: [Edit Style Sheet of the selected Skin (click on ]Update Store Settings[ after you have changed the skin selection)] There you can modify the css style sheet attributes: colors, background images etc.
  • Create Skin Packages
    Use the [Export Package] or [Save Package] functions in module CAT_StoreSettings to Create a Skin Package or copy all skin files into the same folder and use the batch file: MK_CATSkin.bat from folder CATALooK_SkinPackages\ to create a new skin package.

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