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Chapter 3 - Store Configuration Examples


Configurable product example:

Create 4 products which will be used as components of a configurable product

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Subscription package example:

  1. Create an configurable item, name it as [Service Gold]
  2. Create two bundled item's: [TestItem1] and [Testitem2]
  3. Set the price of these items = 0 or any other price
  4. Set the price of the configuration base item [Service Gold] = your special price. (prices of base unit and components are summed up)
  5. Create product types and slots like described in the help file above.
  6. Add product types to the slots. After that please preselect products for the slots and set them to fixed.
  7. If you want that the customer can order the items [TestItem1] and [TestItem2] also separately please clone the bundled items [TestItem1] and [TestItem2] and set the status of these new items to subscription. Now you can set a different and higher price to these new items.
  8. Only the 3 products: [TestItem1], [TestItem2] and [Service Gold] will be listed in product lists.

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About Product Configuration and classification sections in Product Manager (Find some illustrated sample scenarios below the introduction)

Product Configurator is a part of the module CAT_Products which allows you to create combined products or systems that can consist of various components (like computer systems, home cinemas, air conditioning systems, cars etc.), it can also be used for creating sets of products, for example, suits, skiing accessories, sets of golf clubs etc. to help a customer get a complete and functional set that is customized according to his preferences. When using a product configuration you can define of what components your combined product should consist, each component can be mandatory, fixed or optional. You can preselect a product for each slot. Besides, you can define specifications and requirements for each component to avoid incompatibility between some of the components.

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