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Chapter 22



  • The search for items is realized in the fields:  Product ID, Product SKU Number / Item Number, Product Name, standard Category3, EAN, ISBN, Author(Free1), Publisher(Free2), Size(Free3), Keywords and  Description.
  • Enter one or more search terms, separated by spaces.
  • If items exists in category3 these items can be listed in a separate listbox below the search string input box.
  • You can use the edit module (click the [View Options] link in the module action box) to perform the Bullet List and Date Period/Event Date Search Configuration. Add Bullet List List Item Types and Texts to products via module CAT_Products / TAB: Attributes. Bullet List Search and Date Period Search are connected by logical (And).
  • If [Enable Period Search] is true on edit module [View Options/Edit Search Options] and [Display items only if they are in Stock] is enabled in module CAT_StoreSettings a additional field for the product [Number] is displayed. The value of this field defines which number of a product must be available at least on each day in the requested period([Search for items which are available for the whole requested period] is selected) or at least on one day([Search for items which are available at least for one day in the requested period] is selected) in the requested period so that it will be contained in the search result. You can name this field e.g.: No. of rooms or No. of tickets etc. . The name of the key from the language resources file is: SEARCH_REQUESTEDNUMBER .

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