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Chapter 26

Chapter 26.03 - Important Instructions

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Important Instructions

  • After setting up/installing or importing items you have to delete all cookies (Extras ->Internet Options) on your computer from which all these operations are carried out since the Java tree stores its condition in a cookie. If you don’t do so, a Java error appears before switching to another node.
  • After switching from one DotNetNuke portal to another and trying to register an error (DotNetNuke update error) can appear. This can be prevented by logging out correctly or deleting cookies.
  • There is no module for running the price agent table. However, you can interrogate the priceagent table under host ->SQL with select * from priceagent or delete the table with delete * from priceagent. If price dates apply with the customers´wishes, the price agent gets activated when updating items. After clicking on an update link or when importing products it possibly will last some time until all mailings will have been sent to customers. Please do not press the update button more than once but wait until the progress bar of the browser disappears.
  • Before submitting their order customers have to agree to your business terms. The business terms are indicated in the form [Submit your Order] when clicking the link [general terms of business] above the radio buttons [I have read your terms... ]. At first you, of course, have to create a file with your terms and name it terms.htm. Then upload this file with the help of admin -> file manager to your portal upload folder. Uncheck the CheckBox [Do Not show Terms before Checkout] in store settings

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