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Chapter 27

Chapter 27.03 - Appearance

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The style of the standard categories treeview menu is defined in section: [Java Menu Style used in module CAT_MenuNF] and the style of the link box control for the standard and advanced category system is defined in section: [Style for the Link Box Control in module CAT_MenuNF] of the store style sheet: CATALooKStore.css.
The style of the advanced categories treeview is defined in section: [Style for the TreeMenu of advanced categories in module CAT_MenuNF] and of the style of the advanced and standard categories solpart menu is defined in section: [Style for the solpart menu in module CAT_MenuNF]. Both controls use the standard DNN css tag names. This ensures that you can simply use the style from your skin.css for these controls. Simply copy all related css tags from the skin.css into the catalookstore.css. If the names of any tags are changed in the DNN skin ascx file for these controls or if there are any additional properties for these controls you must copy all parameters of the controls :< dnn : MENU runat =" server " id =" dnnMENU " property1 = xx property2 = yy / > and < dnn : TREEVIEW id =" dnnTreeView " runat =" server " property1 = xx property2 = yy / > which are located in the skin ascx file into the controls catSolPartControl and catTreeControl of the module skin from module CAT_MenuNF (Select [Edit Skin] from the module menu box).
This will ensure that the style of the category navigation menu fits the style of the DNN tab navigation menu.

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