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Chapter 28


These are the contents of notification e-mails to vendors:

You can alter the content of the e-mail templates in language resources.

This notification will be send if an vendor creates a new product:(This will not be send if the vendor has admin rights or is the store owner)

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How to create a vendor account and vendor specific products etc. . Example:

  • Please register on our site
  • Enter a valid email address (You can change this or unregister later).
  • After that go to categories. There you can see categories from other users. In the store settings you can choose if other categories, slots, product types and specifications of other users and admin users can be used by a vendor or not. Here you can create a new category or use an existing category. You can edit your own categories only.
  • After that create a product. You can enter individually freight charges for your items.
  • You will get a pending approval email. We will unlock your product and you can order this item. You can use the same user account or create a new or login with test/test.
  • After that we will set the payment state of this order to paid (if your customers use CC or PayPal this will happen automatically) and write an invoice. You will get a sale notification and can go to your vendor account to see your sales.
  • The admin can use the vendor account module to create credit notes and payments for commissions. The tax rate for refunds can be choosen.
  • The admin can select the commission rate in module CAT_StoreSettings.
  • The business account control is the edit module of the module CAT_Customers. You can reach this form, if you click on the lastname in module CAT_Customers or place the link which is displayed in the title bar of this module on your site. Customers can use this control to enter their account for commission payments.
  • Normally a vendor can see only his own sales in module CAT_VendorAccount. On the test site we have added site admin permissions to the authorized User role.
  • The store admin can add a vendor to a product or change the vendor of a product in module: CAT_Products TAB: [Main Data] Field: [Vendor UserID]

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