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Chapter 29

Chapter 29.01 - Functions in Form OrderDetails

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Functions in Form OrderDetails

  • You will reach this form if you press the link button [Order Details] in order list on module CAT_Orders.
  • Until an invoice is not created and the order is not paid, customers can delete items from their orders if this option is activated. (optional)
  • If you checked the checkbox download for a product in module CAT_Products, customer can download the ordered item, if order pay state is set to paid. If you provide a ZIP Password for this item it will be shown.
  • Create invoices for shared orders by checking items und press on button invoice.
  • If customer paid per credit card, all transaction data will be shown on bottom of this site und pay state will be set to paid automatically.
Other functions: calculation of freight charges, create refunds, delete invoices and refunds, email and print invoices and refunds.

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