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Chapter 29

Chapter 29.04 - Combine/Group Orders

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Combine/ Group orders

By accessing with Admin rights to the module CATALooKStore Store Administrator can combine/group one or more orders. The new order receives the order ID of the first order.

The transport costs of all orders are summed up. All payment bookings of every single order are put in the field [payment status] with the old order number in front. Attention! The button [Download] is released for all appropriate items of the new order, if [1_paid] appears in first position of the field payment status!

All other following payment conditions of the remaining orders are not considered. For security reasons it is better not to combine orders that have already been dealt with or booked. Shipping Labels Shipping labels can be printed by using the menu [order details]. You find this menu in the menus Customer or Orders.

You get to the shipping label designer via the Edit-Module of the module Customer or Orders. The shipping dates of current orders are automatically put in place holders in braces. The design can easily be changed by HTML instructions or in the direct window. Do not remove or change the place holders!

The changed layout is stored for TAB. Modules on different Tab's are therefore able to store different layouts (e. g. UPS/Mail/Freight forwarder...) - > Note: Even the standard menus customers and orders store the layout separately provided they are located on different TABs (which is, by the way, advisable)!

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