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Chapter 29


Module CAT_Zones

Price display

In order to display additionally the net or gross price please enter a value for Tax to the first row of the Tax Main Zones Admin (module CAT_Zones) or into the [Tax] field of module CAT_StoreSettings.

This will additionally display the net or gross price for all price labels depending on the selection of the [Price Type] in module CAT_StoreSettings and the actual selected 'Specific Culture' (Format e.g.: en-US) of the store or the language switcher module for all not authorized users.

This can be disabled by the option: ‘Additional display of (tax incl.) or (net) price’ of all presentation layer modules (Select ‘View Options’ from the module menu). If you have defined Tax rates depending on region, state, city, zip code or products this will show the right tax for all authorized users und will be updated during the checkout out process if the user select a shipping address

These are the used language resources keys:


(Note: Login with Admin or User rights to test the display options because some price components are not visible for Host users.)

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