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Chapter 37


Transform CATALooK.netStore to a product catalog with media gallery

(e.g. if you not sell directly or you want open an affiliate store)

(This is useable for Normal and Subscription items)

  • Activate the [Hide all price labels] edit option checkbox of modules CAT_Cart, CAT_ItemPaneNF and CAT_DashBoard (Select ‘View Options’ from the module menu) or enter 0 for price 1 in module CAT_Products -> site ‘Main Data’
  • Uncheck [Coupon code] in edit module of module CAT_Cart
  • Uncheck [Enable ]Ship To[ Address Selection during Checkout] in module CAT_StoreSetting (not necessary)

Enter 0 in this field of module CAT_Products (TAB: Main Data): [Selections(orderable quantities) of order quantity drop down list on product lists and product detail site.

If this field is not empty the quantity box in module CAT_Cart will be disabled for this item. (press ENTER/CR to separate, leave blank for all quantities, 1 for hide the quantity box and ddl, 0 for hide the quantity box and ddl and the ]Add to cart[ button. Works with Normal and Subscription items.) ]

This will hide the add to cart button and quantity box.

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