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Chapter 5 - Rentable Products


Customization of localized UI control texts

Use the DNN Language editor to change the controls texts: e.g. change ‘From Date’ to ‘Arrival’

  1. Host -> Languages -> Select 'Language Editor' from the module menu.
  2. Expand Local Resources -> DesktopModules -> CATALooKStore -> App_LocalResources -> _bookingcalendar.ascx
  3. Select the locale from the 'Available Locales' list.
  4. Change ‘From Date’ to ‘Arrival’ for the ‘LBLFROMDATE.Text’ Resource Name

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Rentable Products

You can rent hotels, cars, tools and other items.

  • Select: ‘Status(kind of use)’= Rentable on the ‘Main Data’ site of module CAT_Products..
  • Add periods when the product should be available on the ‘Rentable Periods’ site.
  • If you want control how many items customer can book, select [Display items only if they are in Stock] = true in CAT_StoreSettings. In this case there will appear the available stock on each day in the calendar. If a customer choose a period, he can only select a number of items which are minimal available in the selected period.

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