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Q: How can I change the SA password of MSDE or of the SQL server?
A: Start request for input (start ->run - > enter "cmd")
Go to register C:\Programme\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn Carry out: "osql e SA"
Enter sp_password @old = zero, @new = ' PASSWORD ', @loginame = ' SA '
Replace character sequence "PASSWORD" with your new password!
"Enter" to send input
"go" and Enter to carry out comand
The password for the user "SA" is redefined.

Q: How can I install the SQL data base, carry out SQL Scipts and interrogate the data base?
A: Please use the Tool SQLWebAdmin to install new data bases, to run and store the data of your SQL of server. You can carry out SQL Scrips with inquiries on your own in the portal under the menu [ Host] >[SQL ].

Q: Can I use a download link to point the customer (site visitor) to a trial version - without them purchasing first? If so, will it count the number of downloads?
A: Yes, you can add media files (music, video, pdf, flash, images etc.) and download file samples to the media gallery. This will also record the number of downloads and personal data of the customer or visitor (IP Address, UserID etc.) The customer can run these files with the integrated media players for flash, music, image and video files or download the samples.

Q: I want to send a few of my customer a Coupon of $25, so no matter what they purchase or how much they spend, the coupon should credit $25 to their purchase if the total amount is higher than the coupon. Pretty much like a Gift Card. How can I do this?
A: Please use the edit module of module CAT_Cart to enter coupon codes.
You can perform the following steps:
Module CAT_Products:

  1. Create a coupon product via module CAT_Products: (This item will be inserted with the selected discount value)
  2. Name this product to 'coupon' and set price1 = 1. The amount will be overwritten by the actual coupon code amount.
  3. Choose [Not Publish (Disabled)/Coupon] and/or [Status(kind of use)] = Bundled/Coupon for this item.

Edit module (View Options) of module CAT_Cart:

  1. Enable the 'Show coupon code box' checkbox in the edit module (View Options) of module CAT_Cart
  2. Enter the Product ID of the previously created product into the field 'Coupon ProductID'. You can find the product ID in the second column of the product list in module CAT_Products or on the top of the 'Main Data' Page of module CAT_Products (sample: #85 Coupon item / -> Product ID = 85)
  3. Enter the coupon codes into the field: 'Coupon codes (format: mycode=amount; press ENTER/CR to separate)' You can create many coupon codes via random function of MS-Excel and copy all codes into this field.

Each used code will be deleted from the box if you turn on the option: 'Remove used coupon codes'. All remaining codes are active and can be used. You can use as many codes as you want for one order.


Q: Stock images: If I choose to not display items that are not in stock, then no items appear since I do not have a stock amount entered for the base product. If I choose to display items that are not in stock, then my products appear with the stock images, but all the base products display the "no stock" image. Only when I click on the product to view the options does it show the correct stock level image. Is it possible to have the stock quantity auto update with the combined stock quantity of the base product/option combinations? Or should this field be left blank to prevent issues with calculating the stock quantities? If this is the case, is it possible that on the base product displayed in the itempane the stock image could reflect the combined total of the product/options combinations?
A: Enter the sum of the option stock values for [Stock] in module CAT_Products -> Main Data. Then the function: [Do not display items that are not in stock] from module CAT_StoreSettings will work because the stock of the main product and the option stock will be updated if you place an order or create an invoice/credit note.

Q: If you make a change to an option it is not automatically reflected on the products with that option assigned. Example: I created a shirt as the base product, created an option for size, assigned the Size option to that shirt, entered the stock quantities for that product/option combination and then afterwards, I altered the Size option by adding an additional $ amount to an existing size. The POSelID was not automatically updated under the Manage Properties of Options Selections Combinations. I had to remove the combination and re-add it so that it would show that this combination was +$2.00 and reflect the stock quantites appropriately in the ItemPane.
A: Please don't use the $ sign, please use '=+2' or '=+2%'. If you change a selection from e.g. 'red' to 'deep red' this will result in a different unique ID. This cannot be updated by the system. You must remove the old combination (POSel ID) and add the new combination. This is why the POSel ID field is the identity key field of the options selections database table. This will prevent data conflicts.

Q: Hi, is there a possibility to handle customers with VAT ID and without VAT ID?
Background: If we ship goods from Germany to other EU contries, we have to add the Germen VAT if the customer doesn't provide a VAT ID.
A: You can use the module CAT_Zones to define the VAT by country. Select ‘View Options’ from the module menu of the cart module and find all VAT / UID number settings in section: ‘Tax Options’.

Q: There's an image link on the product detail page - if I don't specify an image it shows up as a broken link.
A: Use a 1x1 image or activate the watermark option from module CAT_StoreSettings.

Q: I am wondering why the Welcome message cannot be localized. This feature should be included like all the categories and products can be.
A: You can change the welcome message in the control/module language resource file: DesktopModules\CATALooKStore\App_LocalResources\_storehome.ascx.resx
To use the localized message text you must leave the welcome message box on module CAT_StoreSettings blank.

Q: Is the intended functionality of Catalook to ignore overages for cancelled subscriptions?  It appears that once a subscription is marked as canceled, the billing engine does not pick up and bill for the overages.
A: Regarding your question about cancelled subscriptions: Yes, this subscription type calculates the real fees at the end of the rebilling periods. If the subscription has been cancelled before, it will not charge the overages automatically. You can disable the ability to cancel subscriptions on the edit module of the module CAT_CustomerAccount and CAT_Subscriptions or you must login with admin rights, go to the order details page, reinstate the order, change the next recurring date to ‘today’, click on the ‘recurring billing’ button on module CAT_Orders to start the rebilling process manually, go to the order details page and cancel the subscription again.

Q: How can I enable all vendors to add products to existing categories without allowing them to add new categories.
A: Please disable the Edit Page checkbox from the permissions checkbox list for the vendor role (registered users or vendors) of the page where the module CAT_Categories is located via page settings and also for the module via module settings and check the box[Show all Categories, Product Types, Specifications, Slots and Options created by all users/vendor to an authorized user/vendor so that he can use these Attributes in his own Products, but he has no Permission to change these Attributes. Make all User Product Attributes public (Module: Product Manager, Category Administrator)] in module CAT_StoreSettings.

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