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Catalook Online Manual - Release Notes & History

V06.00.09 / V06.03.09

New Features: (Some of the features below may not be available in the standard version) 6.0.9: Updated DIBS payment gateway provider 6.0.9: New module CAT_PaymentTypes 6.0.9: Updated Samport payme...

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V05.08.02 / V06.00.08

New Features: Support for 5 new payment gateways. Two new option controls: 'File Upload and URL Control' and 'Quantity Entry Field'. New option('After order') for Serial Number Category option: 'Di...

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New Features: A new option control: Section Head Control Checkbox can be used to expand option groups. Several new option attribute features e.g. size parameters and spellchecking for text...

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V05.04.09 / V05.05.00

New Features: Receipt emails will be send asynchronous uses threading for better performance. Completed configurable items (product bundles) can now also be ordered from product lists. To ...

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V05.04.07 / V05.04.08

New Features: [Month(s)] and [Day of purchase] selections added to [Subscription Period / Billing Period] selector on the [Main Data] page of module CAT_Products. Automatic redirection to ...

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V05.04.05 / V05.04.06

Fixes: Re-added instantorder.asmx web service files to fix problems after updating of source code libraries and pa-modules <= v05.03.09 Error after filter command in RadGrid on module C...

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New Features: Cart related price rules Use percentage and fixed amount cart total related coupon codes. Coupons with fixed amounts are partial redeemable. Module CAT_Cart -> ...

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New Features: New cart module option: []Back[ buttons and links cause form validation and storage of parameters?] (This flag indicates whether the [Back] links and buttons cause a page validati...

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New Features: Telerik RAD Menu control added to to module CAT_MenuNF (To select the Telerik RAD menu control for the menu module (CAT_MenuNF), select 'View Options' from the module menu and set...

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New Features: Web service for products (Please find a test form in folder: \Remote_Web_Service) Fixes: Error in v05.03.07 and v05.03.08 if region field is set to non visible and non r...

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