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Catalook Online Manual - Release Notes & History


New Features:

  • Option for Passing Individual Items to PayPal.
  • Option to display the number of products in categories (Module CAT_MenuNF, select ‘View Options’ from the module menu -> ‘Show number of assigned items?’).
  • Option for passing Individual Items to PayPal.
  • Setup user selectable rebilling periods and discounts for Auto-ship items and different rebilling periods, see chapter: ‘Setup user selectable rebilling periods’.
  • New properties for sortfieldcontrol, see chapter: ‘SortField Control’.
  • New search fields for module CAT_Orders (page: Orders).
  • Added User Profile Information to orders table: module CAT_Orders (page: Orders).
  • Sales Statistics with Sales Report and Profit Report added to module CAT_Orders.
  • New cart module (CAT_Cart) option: ‘[My Account] link page’ redirects the customer to the selected portal page after a purchase.
  • New itempane module (CAT_ItemPaneNF) options: ‘[EMAIL TO A FRIEND] button permissions’ and ‘[REVIEW THIS PRODUCT] button permissions’.

Manual + File install.htm updated:

  • Language resources update
  • 70 keys and translations added to the en-US and de-DE language package.
  • New Dutch language package

Fixes and provider updates:


  • Fixed: Google checkout interface - custom shipping rates transfer bug
  • Fixed: File system problem on child portals
  • PayPal API update
  • UPS API update
  • USPS API update
  • ePDQ API update
  • Protx API update
  • Paymate API update
  • Update for Credit Card form date fields (‘2007’ added)


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