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Catalook Online Manual - Release Notes & History


New Features:

  • Added new subscription data options
  • Page added to module CAT_Products: ‘Media gallery, download files, external links and links to a page in your site’ with new functionality e.g.: unlimted number of download files per product to display after purchase, select maximum number a file can be accessed / downloaded from the order details page, select number of days beginning from the date of the first access after which a download link will be disabled on the order details page, restrict view permissions of links by user roles, download files for product variants, custom media player / viewer etc.
  • Page added to module CAT_Products: ‘Serial Numbers’ (Data Pool for Serial Numbers, License Keys, Phone Card Keys, Login Data, Gift Product Coupon Codes etc. with supplier information also for product variants. Records will be picked up from the data pool for items of paid orders and displayed on the order details page.)
  • Charity selector added to cart module skin. Find all options on the Options module of module CAT_Cart (select ‘View Options’ from the module menu -> section: Donation)
  • Added support for the following payment gateways:


Number of products in categories update problem caused by cache persistence.

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