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Catalook Online Manual - Release Notes & History


New Features:

  • New cart module option: []Back[ buttons and links cause form validation and storage of parameters?] (This flag indicates whether the [Back] links and buttons cause a page validation and entered parameters will be stored or not. If this option is turned on and the user has not entered anything in the textboxes e.g. of the shipping address page or if the information would not pass validation, the validation errors are shown and the user cannot go back to the previous page by using the [Back] buttons or links of the cart module.)
  • New cart functionality: When a user clicks on the ‘Buy It Now’ button to add something to the cart, he then automatically returns to the page / category / product etc. that he was last on if he clicks on the ‘Continue Shopping’ link or button.
  • Added licensed versions of RAD dll’s, see: Telerik RADControls and manual RadMenu.doc in folder \Documentation for more information.
  • Update for conviator Credit Card  payment gateway API




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