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Catalook Online Manual - Release Notes & History

V05.04.07 / V05.04.08

New Features:

  • [Month(s)] and [Day of purchase] selections added to [Subscription Period / Billing Period] selector on the [Main Data] page of module CAT_Products.
  • Automatic redirection to product detail page if only one item is in the list after category selection, search command or slot selection.
  • If no Crypto Password is provided on module CAT_StoreSettings (CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings), Credit Card data will not longer be stored also not in CC Test Mode.
  • Updated year (2008) related selections in credit card forms of CATALooK.netStore skins.
  • Gallery control added to menu module control list box.
  • Added control templates to template editor of module CAT_StoreSettings: Feedback Comment, Communicator Post, Category menu module Gallery control, Email Admin Intro
  • Royalty / Reward Points system.
  • Pay with credits. Add credits to customer accounts.
  • Automatically refund referral and vendor sale commissions by discounts on orders.
  • Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB)


  • Error in re-billing procedure of the V05.04.06 caused by workaround for PayPal bug.
  • Fix for WorldPay child portal email address bug
  • Bugs in item import and export caused by the new fields added in v05.04.06
  • Missing localization after payment state update in Orders and Customers module.

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