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Catalook Online Manual - Release Notes & History

V05.04.09 / V05.05.00

New Features:

  • Receipt emails will be send asynchronous uses threading for better performance.
  • Completed configurable items (product bundles) can now also be ordered from product lists. To activate select ‘View Options’ from the module action menu of the modules: CAT_ItemPaneNF and CAT_DashBoard and turn on the option: ‘Display [Add To Cart] and [Buy It Now] buttons in the product lists for a configurable base product if the configuration is completed.’.
  • Module CAT_StoreSettings: Store Email field can now include multiple email addresses. The first Email address is used as the main email of the store. Receipts will be sending also to subsequent Email addresses.
  • French package updated, thanks Alexandre (
  • WishList module is now accessible also for non authenticated users.
  • Added support for the following Credit Card payment gateways:
    • Samport
    • Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB)


  • ePDQ response bug
  • Sort error on ‘Coupons Assigned’ sort column in cart price rule grid
  • Fix for error message in event viewer: ‘System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted’ after [Add To Cart]
  • Module CAT_StoreSettings: Fix for bug on user / customer import

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