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Catalook Online Manual - Release Notes & History


New Features:

  • A new option control: Section Head Control Checkbox can be used to expand option groups.
  • Several new option attribute features e.g. size parameters and spellchecking for text boxes, images for option selections etc.
  • Support for additional profile fields for the Ship-To Address
  • New Loyalty Points module
  • Wizard for CAT_Products module
  • Product export to Google Base
  • Added edit box for product price on order details page.
  • [Affiliate Code] field added to module CAT_StoreSettings: Can be used to send Credit Card and PayPal payment notifications to an external system for affiliates.
  • Added field: [Order Quantity Validation Expression] to product admin: Insert min/max/mod and an error message (optional) separated by ENTER/CR: min = minimum Quantity, max (optional) = maximum Quantity, mod (optional) Quantity must be a multiple of mod. Or enter a Regular Expression and an error message (optional) separated by ENTER/CR: Samples: Single numeric digit between 1 and 5: ^[12345]$ or ^[1-5]$; Whole number between 1 and 20 inclusively: ^1?[1-9]$|^[1-2]0$; Exactly 1 numeric digit (0-9): ^\d$; 4-digit integer: ^[1-9][0-9]{3}$.
  • Increased field length of Free1 (Author), Free2 (Publisher) and Free3 (Size) fields to 255.
  • Added several new web service functions.
  • Added field: Advanced Category IDs to Cart Price Rules (CATALooK.netStore -> Price Rules -> Add Cart Price Rule) A comma delimited list of Advanced Category IDs (Module CAT_AdvancedCategories (CATALooK.netStore -> Advanced Categories) -> select a category -> select [Edit Selected Category] -> Category ID) e.g. '2,35,2994'. If one of the assigned advanced categories from all products in the cart matches with a value defined in this property then this cart price rule will be applied if the other criteria also match. If you wish to include all advanced categories except those listed here, enclose the values in brackets e.g. '(2,35,2994)'. If at least one of the products in the cart has not assigned any of the advanced categories listed here then this cart price rule will be applied if the other criterias also match. Only cart items with advanced categories assigned that matches the criteria from the price rule will be used to calculate the cart total. This amount is used to calculate discounts from percentage price rule formulas and to check the [Cart amount ranges] in the formulas.
  • Added caching for more classes and data.
  • New possible method to specify the path to ProductImage / DownLoadFile / Category1Image / Category2Image files for file import via web service or product data upload via xls etc file: Sub-Path (below the portal root) to the File / Image + File Name e.g. if this is the location of an image file: \portals\0\My_Images\My_Image.gif, ProductImage should be set to: 'My_Images/My_Image.gif' (Use '/' to separate folders and the file name, don't use backslash: '\').
  • New Module Options:
    • Module: CAT_Cart
      Show Product Image If option (POSelID) related product images are defined for any products, maybe this option should be turned off and the option [Hide product image if option (POSelID) related image exsist?] of the CAT_ItemPaneNF module should be turned on.
      To change the location of the POSelID image to be displayed on the same location as the main image search for
      <asp:Panel ID="pnlPOSelImage" runat="server">                                                                                                <tr>
            <td class="CATRow" align="center">
                 <asp:Image ID="POSelImage" runat="server"></asp:Image></td>
      And move it directly below:
      <asp:Panel ID="trProductImage" runat="server">
           <td class="CATRow" align="center">
               <asp:Image ID="ProductImage" runat="server" BorderWidth="0"></asp:Image></td>
      Enable AJAX?,
      Update cart page number (cartpageno) URL parameter for all cart page changes? (Must be turned on to log the correct cart page with Google Analytics, if the Google Analytics Script is located on the page where this module CAT_Cart is located.),
      Refund Balances from Loyalty Points by discount on orders,
      Vendor related options: Allow checkout only with items from one vendor (Customers can add products from different vendors to their cart. On checkout (module CAT_Cart), items from the first vendor will remain in the cart. Items from other vendors will be removed from the cart and re-added automatically if the customer returns to the cart page after finishing the checkout with the first items., Use the address of the product vendor (Ship From Address) for real time shipping rate calculation (This option requires that the option: [Allow checkout only with items from one vendor] is turned on. If there is a vendor selected for a product (UserID > 1), the address of the vendor will be used to calculate real time shipping rates. Otherwise the address data from the: [Location of the store] section of module: CAT_StoreSettings will be used.),
    • Module CAT_ItemPaneNF Include content from textboxes in [POSelID] (only if: [Display type for Text Options and data-entry forms] is set to: [Show all options and selections])? Can be used to pre-populate text fields by URL parameters e.g. insert coupon codes or default texts. Turning on this option disables using of parameters from: [Manage Properties of Options Selections Combinations(POSel).] if there are any options with not empty text boxes. Hide product image if option (POSelID) related image exsist? If this option is turned on, it is recommended to turn off the option: [Show Product Image] of the CAT_Cart module.
    • Module CAT_DashBoard Number of random items(leave blank or 0 for all) -> now available for all 'Content Types'
  • Updated and added several language packages.
  • Added several new chapters to the manuals.
  • Updated all included CATALooK.netStore skin packages.
  • Added sample Ship-To Profile field to Email Templates.
  • Added support for the following Credit Card payment gateways:
    • Netcash
    • Wirecard
    • Payworks
    • SecurePay
    • DIBS (Payment Window)
    • ANZ eGate (Bank Hosted model)
    • ANZ eGate (Merchant Hosted model)
    • PayJunction Trinity Gateway
    • Banamex / Dialect
    • DPS WIPS PLUS paymentexpress PX Pay Hosted Payments
    • Realex
    • AlliedWallet QuickPay
    • Netaxept
    • IP Payments
    • SoEasyPay
    • PayJunction Trinity
    • CCAvenue India
    • NAB
    • CHASE Paymentech Orbital


  • Updated nearly all gateway interfaces
  • Exchanged amount not displayed bug in v05.05.06
  • Fix for Sub Zones bug in CAT_Zones module

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