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Catalook Online Manual - Release Notes & History

V05.08.02 / V06.00.08

New Features:

Support for 5 new payment gateways.
Two new option controls: 'File Upload and URL Control' and 'Quantity Entry Field'.
New option('After order') for Serial Number Category option: 'Display serial numbers on order details page'.
Real time VAT identification number validation added.
New shipping options added to CAT_Cart module: Pre-selected Shipping Company, Pre-selected Shipping Company, Sort Shipping Rates by:, Show rates from all shipping companies at once., Group Shipping Rates by Shipping Company.
Internal UPS real time rates can now be displayed together with Rates from .netSHIP.
Column view permission selector added to CAT_VendorAccount module options.
Datagrids on CAT_VendorAccount module replaced by RadGrid controls with 16 sort and filter options
New referral management features added to the businessprofile module: CATALooK.netStore -> Customers -> search for a customer -> select 'Full Page Edit' -> 'Add / Edit Referrals'.
Added new option: 'Drop Down List' to the 'Referral partner / charity selector control' of the CAT_Cart module.
Added some improvements to the CAT_AdvancedCategories module
New option for cart price rules: 'Maximal number of times a coupon code can be redeemed by the same user'
New option for CAT_ItemPaneNF and CAT_Cart modules: 'Disable controls on Ajax request sent and enable controls after response received' (turned off by default). The latest Firefox version has problems with the execution of startup script. Therefore sometimes controls remained disabled if Ajax was turned on.
4 new web service functions.
New options for the CAT_ItemPaneNF module:
Display product detail page if search result includes only one product.
Option to display Pager (Previous Product / Next Product links) on product details page.
Display Image ToolTip / Display Product Description on Image ToolTip / Display Product Name on Image ToolTip
Added new options for search module: 'Show [Alphabetical Letter Search]' and 'Show Product Property (Search In) Selector'.
New Quick Order module

5.9.0: New Option for Cart Price Rules: 'Apply Formula To'. If 'Shipping Charges' is selected the rule / coupon will be applied also to the shipping fees.
5.9.1: New product parameter: ‚Would you like the buyers of this product to provide you with their shipping address? '.
5.9.1: Module CAT_Orders: New security options: 'Order Details Edit Permissions' for 'Shipping' and 'Invoicing'
5.9.1: Module CAT_Products -> Main Data -> New option for shipping parameter permissions.
5.9.2: Module CAT_Referrals added option to group by orders, default off; Added Google Analytics support.
5.9.3: New payment gateway provider for PagSeguro .
5.9.4: 'Number Decimal Digits' store settings option will be applied also to tax values.
5.9.4: Separate Analytics code box added to CAT_StoreSettings module.
5.9.4: Affiliate and Analytics code can now be used with all payment types: All Credit Card payment gateways, PayPal, CIA, COD etc.
5.9.4: Module CAT_StoreSettings: [Icons for Items Stock] are now localizeable.
5.9.4: ‚Unordered List' menu control added to module CAT_MenuNF.
5.9.4: 'Display Freight Charges' option added to module CAT_Minicart.
5.9.4: Telerik RadPanelBar menu control added to module CAT_MenuNF.
5.9.5: SKU number from Product Options Selections included in search.
5.9.5: New 'edit' permission options for 'auto approval' etc. added to the CAT_Products module 'Main Data' page module options.
5.9.6: Added some enhancements to the token search functionality with the 'Telerik Combobox' control of the CAT_SearchNF module
5.9.6: New option added to CAT_ItemPaneNF module options: 'Redirect page for ‚Also Bought' and ‚Related Products' items'.
5.9.6: New options added to CAT_DashBoard, CAT_Cart and CAT_WishList module options: 'Product detail page'.
5.9.7: New download page to display all downloads from all orders of a client: My Account -> My Orders -> My Downloads. Only downloads from the 'Media Files' page of module CAT_Products are displayed.
5.9.7: New real time rates shipping provider for Posten Bring Fraktguide .
5.9.7: Update 'shipped date' for all selected orders at once.
5.9.8: WorldPay request URL update.
5.9.8: Realex gateway transaction type option added.
5.9.9: CATALooK.netStore -> Products -> Serial Numbers: New Feature: Serial Numbers Remaining Minimum Count Alert Message Point: (Sends an alert message to the store email addresses and the product vendor email address once the Serial Numbers remaining count falls below the value entered there)
5.9.9: Pick List: A pick list can be created for multiple orders and all ordered items via CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings -> Print Pick Lists. Or on the order detail page print pick lists for the whole order or selected invoices
5.9.9: Added 'Total number of units' placeholder to the order, invoice and pick list templates.
5.9.9: Add new products to existing orders: CATALooK.netStore -> Orders -> Order Details -> 'Add Items'. Select 'View Options' from the module menu, to setup the permissions for this button.
6.0.0: New Options added to CAT_SearchNF module options. A skin update of the search.ascx file is required to display the new 'Search Method' and 'Whole Words' selectors (new controls are included in the updated default blue skin).
6.0.0: Added Credit Card error notification email on re-billing.
6.0.1: Added all POSelID parameters to product clone functionality.
6.0.1: New options added to module CAT_SearchNF and CAT_Products: 'Sort Search Results By Rank' and 'Sort Field Selection'.
6.0.1: New Option control: 'Assortment Box'. Can be used to select items that should be inserted into a box e.g. cookies.
6.0.2: Several new Options added to CAT_SearchNF module.
6.0.2: Instant Order Links can now include decimal values for option surcharges and option selection weights: Use '.' as decimal separator for option surcharges and option selection weights e.g. 'o.size:big=5.9w10.4'
6.0.3: Serial Number generator added to: Module CAT_Products -> Serial Numbers, CAT_PriceRules -> Product Price Rules and Cart Price Rules.
6.0.3: Added CHASE Paymentech Orbital Flex Cache (Gift Card) interface: Module CAT_Products -> Serial Numbers.
6.0.3: Updated CHASE Paymentech Orbital Credit Card gateway interface.
6.0.4: Module CAT_Products -> Attributes -> Search Token (Additional Fields): List Item Types and Texts are now localizable.
6.0.4: Advanced Category selector added to List Item Type editor. This can be used to restrict Search Token by Advanced Categories.
6.0.4: Search Token (Additional Fields) selectors can now be displayed also on the 'Advanced Categories' page of module CAT_Products. Select 'View Options' from the module menu to setup the Token Selector.
6.0.4: Module CAT_SearchNF: New Options added to 'Token Search Configuration' section, see also 'Changes' below:
6.0.4: Module CAT_Products -> Attributes -> new options added to setup the section visibility of all sections (select 'View Options' from the module menu).
6.0.4: Module CAT_Products -> Select 'View Options' from the module menu -> New 'Button Permissions' option added.
6.0.5: Module CAT_Products -> Clone history added.
6.0.5: Module CAT_Products -> Media Gallery -> [Max Thumb Width] and [Max Thumb Height] fields added, {thumb_URL} placeholder added, Lens Effect image viewer added, download viewer added.
6.0.5: Module CAT_ItemPaneNF -> Select 'View Options' from the module action menu -> [Max Thumb Width], [Max Thumb Height] and viewer selector for product main image and image from product options selections added.
6.0.5: Module CAT_ItemPaneNF -> Select 'View Options' from the module action menu -> Lens Effect image viewer added to Image Viewer selectors.
6.0.5: Search field added to all Advanced Category listboxes.
6.0.6: New option added to module CAT_Products -> Attributes -> Text Options -> Add / Edit Option: Add To POSelID (If turned on, this Attribute will be included with the POSelID. If turned off, this Attribute will not be included with the POSelID (Only if not [Show all combinations of Attributes and selections which are included in a predefined POSelID of a product] or [Show all combinations of Attributes and selections which are included in a predefined POSelID with stock > 0] is selected from the [Display type for Text Attributes and data-entry forms] in the module options of module CAT_ItemPaneNF). Turn off this option if Price, Image, SKU and Stock are not related to this Attribute and this attribute can be excluded while creating POSelID definitions via [Manage Properties of Options Selections Combinations] section below. This section appears after the first option has been assigned to a product. If turned on for Attributes with [Control Type] = any TextBox and the [Include content from textboxes in ]POSelID[] Attribute from module CAT_ItemPaneNF is turned on (Select [View Options] from the module action menu of this module), gives the user the ability to edit entered texts after [Add To Cart]. This disables using of parameters from the [Manage Properties of Options Selections Combinations(POSel)] section below if there are any options with not empty text boxes.)
6.0.6: Added customer email parameter to ProtX gateway request.
6.0.6: Ajax support added to module: CAT_VemdorAccount, CAT_Referrals and CAT_LoyaltyPoints.
6.0.7: Added support for MultiSafepay payment gateway.
6.0.7: Added support for BORGUN SECUREPAY payment gateway.
6.0.7: Added support for Postbank PaySolution® giropay® Formularservice payment gateway interface.
6.0.8: Module CAT_Products -> Media Gallery -> ToolTip Effect image viewer added.
6.0.8: Module CAT_ItemPaneNF -> Select 'View Options' from the module action menu -> ToolTip Effect image viewer added to Image Viewer selectors.


Customer related discounts from module CAT_Customers will now be added on top of all other discounts.
Percentage surcharges for selected options of a configurable base product will now be calculated based on the total of all included configuration members and the base product.

5.9.6: CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings -> Price Type. If 'tax incl.' display is selected, prices of the products and fixed prices in product price rules must be entered now without tax!
5.9.8: CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings -> Price Type. If 'tax incl.' display is selected, fixed surcharges from option selections and combinations of options and selections, fixed prices in cart price rule formulas and shipping charges from custom shipping rates must be entered now without tax!
To bulk update previously entered prices with tax included, you could execute the following script via Host -> SQL ('Run As Script' must be turned off)

Update {databaseOwner}CAT_Products
Set unitcost = unitcost / (1+XX/100)

(Replace XX by the tax percentage amount)
After that: CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings -> click on the ‚Clear Cache' link

5.9.9: Now One Serial Number of any available Serial Number Category will be assigned to a product (before it was one Serial Number at all). If you need more than one Serial Number per product, simply assign Serial Numbers with different Serial Number Categories selected to this product.
6.0.1: Content localization changes: Now the system checks if there is a text provided in the 'Default Language' from Admin -> Site Settings. If not, the last entered text will be used.
6.0.4: Module CAT_SearchNF -> Select ‚View Options' from the module action menu -> Token (Additional Field) search must now be turned on via option: ''. The 'Selected List Item Types' box now is used to restrict the List Item Types. Before it was used to select the List Item Types to display.
The RadComboBox control now is set to not allow multiple selections. Now there are separate options for that: 'Show [Multiple Select] CheckBox' and 'Default [Multiple Select] Selection'. To use the first option, the CAT_SearchNF module skin file must be updated: (chkMultipleSelect checkbox must be added).
6.0.4: Search Token (Additional Field) selectors will now be displayed on the 'Advanced Categories' page of module CAT_Products depending on the currently selected Advanced Categories. To change this select 'View Options' from the module menu ->


Two cache related bugs (product stock was not updated instantly after an order)
Order not created bug if 'Save Credit Card Data and ACH/eCheck/Debit Data, do not connect to CC Gateway(Offline CC Processing)' was turned on.
Module CAT_Cart: Options: 'Enable refund for Loyalty Points' and 'Enable refund of referral sale commissions' refund item removed and not re-added after cart content changes issue
DNN5 only (Module: CAT_Cart): Blank page displayed issue after click on the 'Login' button.
DNN4.8.4+: Folder permission problem: admins were not able to access files that have been uploaded by customers via ‚File Upload And URL Control' option control.
DNN > v4.9.0: Required profile fields not validated.
CATALooK.netStore v5.8.8 – 5.9.4(first build): Server timeout after adding a configurable product to the cart -> logout -> go to a page where a CATALooK.netStore module is located -> login.

5.9.5: Performance issues on DNN installations with many portals and pages.
5.9.6: Search function now removes a possible ‚ProductID' parameter from the URL string.
5.9.7: Google Checkout: selected store currency from CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings will be submitted.
5.9.8: Error in v5.9.7 if ‚Show rates from all shipping companies at once' in the module options of the CAT_Cart module is turned on.
5.9.9: Credit Card Payment Gateway Provider Updates: WorldPay, PayPal Website Payments Pro US; PayPal Website Payments Pro UK (PayFlow Pro).
6.0.1: If there is a popup message on the CAT_ItemPaneNF module this message is now also displayed in the same window to fix Telerik RadWindow problems with some Safari and Google Chrome versions.
6.0.4: Error on CATALooK.netStore -> Products -> ‚Export All Products'
6.0.5: Fixed problem with un-loaded lightbox / litebox etc scripts after postback from option selectors etc.
6.0.5: Updated to the latest Google Base API. Multiple product uploads are now possible again.
6.0.6: Fixed option localization error in 601-605 after portal 0 has been deleted.
6.0.6: Fixed error in 604+605 if separate shipping address is selected.
6.0.6: Image URL truncated of images that have been added via Text Option upload control to products in the cart module if CAT_StoreSettings -> 'Options Text Filter' is set to: 'Remove selection parameters' or 'Remove selection parameters and POSelID's'.
6.0.6: 'Go To Parent' button added to radmenu control in module CAT_MenuNF if 'Child' is selected from the 'Level / Start Advanced Category' selector in the module options ('View Options').
6.0.6: Advanced category names of selected categories in the module options are localized now.

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