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Welcome to Catalook Support

Hi and thanks for dropping in to Catalook Support  - It's a community based support site for the shopping cart product which has been around since 2004.

The forums are generously supported by other users of the Catalook store product and as the owner of this site, we try to answer questions as often as possible, but sometimes it's not as fast as we'd like, due to the work commitments.

This is a site that started off as a 3.1.1 build and has been upgraded over time. This is a testament on the module developers and how DotNetNuke has grown over the years. If you take the time to learn this great product, you can have a robust, reliable store, that just keeps on going.

You know, we have some clients who have run with this store product since early 2005, on DNN 3 builds that have been upgraded. This is a great product to ensure the integrity of your build is able to remain upon upgrading.

Although to many CataLooK might not have the prettiest interface, and others might think it's clunky, I've found this product to be one of the best value for money products, well supported, and is one of the only long term, truly built for DNN products.  Once setup, it's rock solid, whether you're doing small or large transactions, we've had some sites turn over hundreds of thousands of dollars with individual sales averaging under 11.00 each.

The WebService options are fantastic, allowing you to link into many third party solutions, or extend for your own development purposes.
I have tried MANY MANY MANY shopping cart products but when push comes to shove, when you want something fully featured, that just works, without having to spend a fortune, this is quite an impressive product... And you own it rather than the ridiculous monthly fees some of these very pretty solutions have. 

Just my thoughts on the matter..using since 2004 and still here.. that alone should give you confidence in the quality of this product.

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